Get Involved

This is a collaborative project and anyone can get involved, you don’t need any prior qualifications or a background in historical or sociological research on the student movement. Whether you’re a researcher for an academic institution, an independent researcher, an undergraduate student, or a student activist wanting to follow and contribute to this project – you are more than welcome to take part.

Tips on where to start

  • Join our Facebook Group and take part in the discussion
  • Universities usually have archives that can be accessed. This is usually the best place to start: you can ask whoever is responsible for the archive if they have anything relating for to the student movement or you can request to see old copies of your campus newspaper
  • Student newspapers are especially rich sources for material on the student movement and will also help in building a more holistic picture of activism in UK universities and colleges beyond what happened in on a national level.
  • Visit the NUS Archives at the University of Warwick and the NUS Scotland Office.
  • Search around the web – there are blogs and content people have uploaded online from their time in the Student Movement such as this website on the 1970 occupation of the University of Liverpool’s Senate House
  • Write a blog post for us! We want to create an active dialogue about the history and sociology of the Student Movement and we would love to have your perspective whether historical, political, sociological etc.

If you have done some research on the Student Movement

We would love to publish any undergraduate or postgraduate dissertations or any independent research you may have completed whether in their full form or in the form of an article/blog post based on your research. Please get in contact with us at via our email: or via our Facebook Group, we look forwards to hearing from you!